The End.

Hello, My final post in the series of “The Gap Year”. Thank you all for being there with me through these past 7 months. I’m excited to see you all *once COVID19 is cleared.  I made it back to America about 2 and a half weeks ago. We spent a week in DC meeting withContinue reading “The End.”


Salam!! A couple days ago I arrived back in America from Morocco. We left Ghana and spent a week in Morocco for an enrichment week. I fell in love with the country in the small time that I was there and really hope that I get to spend more time there (right now I’m consideringContinue reading “Morocco”

Ghana 3

Hello all!! Crazy that I have finished the last core country. After over 6 weeks in Kontomire, Ghana, we are heading off to Morocco in the coming days and then back to DC! Over the past 6 weeks I’ve learned a lot through my time here. I’ve learned the typical functions of a health careContinue reading “Ghana 3”

Ghana 2

Hello again! I’m really enjoying life in rural Ghana and I’m sad we are already half way through our stay here. Every morning at 6:30 am we work out as a group to jump start our day. At dawn the temperature has yet to rise so it’s very pleasant to stretch, run, work out, andContinue reading “Ghana 2”

Ghana 1

Greetings from Africa! I have just been settling into my last core country, Ghana. This means we are in the final third of the program. I’m sad, and very surprised, at how fast my past 4 months abroad have flown by but I’m excited for yet another new country I get to explore. I amContinue reading “Ghana 1”


Our 4th country stop: Cambodia. Even with only spending a week here, I fell in love with this country. The first day, however, was very challenging. We were in Phnom Penh and we took a tour of the of the killing fields and museum about the genocide. Walking through and hearing about all the formsContinue reading “Cambodia”

Thailand 3

Happy happy New Year everyone!!!!  I hope everyone had an incredible 2019 and enjoyed bringing in the new decade. To celebrate the new year, we set off fireworks and lit lanterns with our Thai community. We spent midnight at the temple with everyone else from town chanting with the monks. It was such an incredibleContinue reading “Thailand 3”

Thailand 2

Hello all!! I hope everyone is falling into the holiday spirit and their school or work schedules are winding down. Whether you are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah or any other Holidays, I hope you all are taking time to rest and enjoy time with family. To my family, I love and miss you all. Hope youContinue reading “Thailand 2”

Thailand 1

Sa Wad Dee Khaa!!!! (Hello in Thai!!) Long time no talk. In the past few weeks since my last email, I’ve traveled for 36 hours straight and am now on the other side of the world! I’m currently reporting from Maetha, Thailand, a small village an hour away from Chiang Mai. Even with a veryContinue reading “Thailand 1”


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