A couple days ago I arrived back in America from Morocco. We left Ghana and spent a week in Morocco for an enrichment week. I fell in love with the country in the small time that I was there and really hope that I get to spend more time there (right now I’m considering it as my future peace corps country!).

We spent the week staying in a town called Azrou a couple hours away from Casablanca. We toured the Hassan II mosque, which is the 3rd largest mosque in the world and located in Casablanca. It was so beautiful. The gorgeous Moroccan tiles lined the majority of the entire building. 

We also went to Fez to tour the Medina, the giant market in town. We learned about the history of Morocco and of Fez specifically. Then we shopped. The market is known for the famous leather they produce and the other beautiful Moroccan products. 

After spending time in Azrou and Fez, we headed to the southeastern corner of the country. We spent one night at a nice hotel right on the border of the start of the Saharan desert. The next day we took a camel ride into the desert. We climbed onto sand dunes to watch the sunset and take it all in. I honestly felt like an ant in an anthill. Sand dunes surrounded me in every direction I looked and I saw other ants also admiring the view. We reached our little campsite, which was more along the lines of glamping and quickly piled around the campfire listening to a drum circle. We all decided to pull our mattresses out into the common sector and sleep under the stars together. Even with my 3 wool blankets, I was cold all night with the intensive winds. However, it was all worth it to see the beautiful sky filled with stars all night. Being hours away from any real town and thousands of miles from my hometown, I’ve never felt so content. With the members of my program sleeping next to me and the sky above me, in a way it felt like home. 

After our time in Ghana, and having peanut butter as most meals everyday, I was pleasantly surprised when I got to Morocco and enjoyed the food so much. Morocco’s food is primarily boiled vegetables, couscous, and lentils!! I was in heaven. I definitely plan on returning to Morocco in the very soon future.

Now I am back in America and have a few more weeks of my program in DC and Virginia before I return home. See you all soon,


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